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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Facebook is down

Facebook is down oh my god.

Hi. This is not Kurodo.

I have just interviewed to work at where Kurodo does to blog and advertise this site. You all better click and go to this site so we both don't get fired for doing a bad job. Technically we're not formally hired so we won't get fired anyway. Better yet, use the functions on this site! It's quite fun and I know many of you are not in summer school nor working -- even if you were, you'd go online and facebook and blog anyway. Add this to your site and make it niftier!! Go take a look -- NOW. Or we'd both hurt you. We promise.

(Or at least I am doing so on behalf of Kurodo)

-- Stranger

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've been think about life and how boring it is for me right now. I have a job, I learn new materials every once in awhile, I have a family that cares about me and all that. I have a place to live and do things I like, I have a laptop I use to blog about my pathetic life but there's still something missing. I had 2 dreams last night. They were both about death. 1 was that I got shot by this psycho who was shooting everyone in a mall, then the other one was an old man falling off a building high enough for him not to die instantly when he makes contact to the ground. All these fucked up dreams. I have to go to work at 8:30... I should be sleeping by now but I'm still not feeling right.

Life is too short to live with regret - Tonight by Zane. Isn't that true... we can't make some bullshit mistake in life, you can't wait for something to happen, you're suppose to be walking towards a certain goal, you're the one molding your history. There's no reason or logic to make me feel this way, this could be the start or the end of it all. That's life... you cant let logic guide a life thats radical. If you don't have the balls to step up, what good is this life that God gave you. So you can graduate from university, get a degree, get a family then perhaps if you succeed get an expensive car and die. Death is not something to be afraid of, it's an obstacle that binds your freedom.

- Yes. I have lots of time talking about life, how uncool. I should get a girlfriend and motorcycle, that'd keep me happy for awhile.
-when your girlfriend tells you not to ride motorcycle cause it's dangerous, respect their care and drive wrecklessly only when they are not within the range of sight.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nokia N81

Nokia N81,

This phone hasn't been introduced yet but my supervisor found the leaked mock of it. Thought you might be interested in it so checkitcheckit!

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I agree with what you said about how this world is decaying itself despite the fact that I too, believe that "there's no such thing as moral". First, what are morals? It's the line between whats ethical and whats not from human judgement. Our actions and personality differs within individuals. Therefore, we have different values. When we have different values, we have different judgement. For example, some fucktard post up a video of "Japs killing dolphins to eat them! Animal Abuse!" on youtube. And frankly I thought it was funny to read all the comments, how people bitch about human morality to JAPANESE people killing FISH. Yes, you don't have to be a historical genius to know that Japanese people like.. umm.. fish? Oh wait we eat tuna and salmon, no pity for ugly fish? Does this mean we can't eat intelligent animals? I think some people are too ignorant when it comes to topics like morality. And this is all my opinion on morals concerning fish. I think there was over 100,000 replies on how japanese people are sick. Comments were coming from everywhere, I even saw comments in spanish! hahaha, yeah how often do you see a comment in spanish about how angry they are about dolphin tortures! On the other hand, dog being eaten by people sickens me. I don't think it's immoral, but thats just gross. Anyway, my point is... where do we draw the line between whats moral and whats not. We can't cause we all draw the lines where we want. So morality does not exist. When you speak of self-control such as killing, cheating, and hurting. I agree that it only creates disaster. However, think of wars thats going on, think of wanchai where there's shitload of hookers, and hurting? We all do that unconsciously in different levels. It's part of the world and we are bound to live with. We are living in a world functioned without the grounds of morals and ethics. It's not wrong because the moral now is that there are no such thing as moral. We can live like that because it's the comfort zone. And when we speak of how we grow up - the more we grow up, the more we understand that this world is a piece of shit and morality only exists in a dimension where unicorns and fairies roam around.

All in all, I understand how you feel about it, but I think there's really no point rambling about whats right and whats wrong. We can't judge from right to wrong anyway. Morality to me is an apathetical topic. But I like to talk, so there you go.

Reply to Helen ->

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Are these people for real?
Online Psychic Reading - 3 Minutes FREE! lol. Anyway, I was bored during lunch time so I was looking for ways to improve blog sites and came across this bullshit. Check their name! It's priceless.

-Clairvoyant Psychic Celina
-Spiritual Reader
-Psychic Ash
-gods verdict 4 u
-Miss Marks

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! It's like an rpg character. They probably respond like them too. Won't it be great to be a psychic? Seriously... you talk with people who has problems and wants answers desperately (I mean right? Why else would you be calling Psychic hotline) then you meet up your friends for dinner and tell them how pathetic and desperate he/she is. AND ON TOP OF THAT, you get to have cool names like the ones from dungeons and dragons. What would your psychic name be? Mine would be "Ze Psycharx spoon bender".

Facebook site faces fraud claim!

You can check it here - read it here ofcourse -_-" i'll copy and paste it.

Networking website Facebook is to face legal action on Wednesday in a suit brought by a rival site's founders. Three founders of ConnectU say Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for the site while at Harvard.
Facebook has become a global phenomenon with about 31 million users, compared with ConnectU's 70,000. A Federal case accuses Mr Zuckerberg of fraud and misappropriation of trade secrets, and asks for ConnectU to be given ownership of Facebook.
Last year, Facebook turned down a $1bn offer from Yahoo.
Facebook has asked a judge at a Boston district court to dismiss the case. The ConnectU founders claim that while at college Mr Zuckerberg agreed to finish writing computer code for them, but that he stalled and eventually created Facebook using their ideas.
In court documents, Facebook's lawyers say that ConnectU's "broad brush allegations" had no evidence to support them.
"Each of them had different interests and activities," they said.
"Only one of them had an idea significant enough to build a great company. That one person was Mark Zuckerberg."
Like Facebook, ConnectU is designed to connect people online. Users create profiles and can post pictures and messages.
The legal action alleges that ConnectU founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narenda began developing a networking site in 2002.
They asked Mr Zuckerberg to help finish the code, which he agreed to, they claim.
"Such statements were false," the court documents allege.
"Zuckerberg never intended to provide the code and instead intended to breach his promise... and intended to steal the idea."

HTML. Firefox Vs Internet Explorer

I was fascinated by Macromedia Dreamweaver MX! As an HTML beginner, I was checking out maricopa for writing HTML and practicing few of the tags they've introduced.
Did you know that the way a web browser displays grphics in HTML format differs from OS? Like for example, mac os web browser such as Safari and Opera (btw Iphone uses Safari) displays it as a picture format for Mac, but when that same code goes through Windows browser such as IE and Netscape it can mess it up. Graphic format is platform independent, thats why there are so many different format like Jpeg, Gif,BMP etc...

This is why we should all use Mozilla Firefox!! Agree? I mean seriously, aren't you sick of having to have 600 browser open at the same time when you could have tabs instead where you can easily skim through. Firefox is extremely "light" in a sense that surfing on the net would be like using Internet Explorer. If you think Firefox is way faster than Internet Explorer, you have mistaken. Simply get a stop watch and time how fast they both load... yes IE is faster... thought so. Those of you who understood half of what I said, click on the link on top of the page with a fox logo and download it.
I'll give you a brief explanation on why I prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer (by the way i'm writing this blog on an IE haha). Internet Explorer has an automatic updating program designed by Microsoft called the Active-X. Yes, if you were wondering what the hell that was for the past 4 years, thats a program used by Microsoft to check up on your computer so they can install shit on your computer for you. That is ofcourse for update reason, not for virus or anything... no bill gates won't do that to you... or... would he? Thats for you to find out. Anyway, Active-X gives 100% complete access to any Windows operating system. Thus increasing the vulnebility of your computer. There are things like Spyware, Spamware and all that shit that could be put in your computer using IE. I am not saying Firefox is invulnerable to everything, it definitely has its flaws. There are websites that cannot be accessed with Firefox, for those of you who has been using it should know. IE can open websites like that which comes in handy. Anyway, I like the tab function on Firefox.

How to Disable Active-X
Tool>Internet Option>Security(tab)>Custom Level to disable Active-X

Nokia E90

This phone is pretty damn big, it's for businessman I guess... I wouldn't mind having it though, infact I would trade it with my phone anyday.
-Connectivity through 3.5G WLAN and Quadband GSM
-4" 800x352 pxl screen and 2" 240x320 front screen w/ 16 million colors
-3.2 Megapixel, auto focus camera with LED flash and 2nd camera for video conference
-Built in GPS w/ maps content
-Internet,Email, so on...

This phone was shipped from singapore, it will be released here in Hong Kong soon enough I believe.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh God, it's still tuesday, it feels like i've been in this office longgggg time.
On monday, i blogged a post saying how I wanted to quit early and such, my dad came to me a minute after that and asked me for my blog site cause he was interested in seeing what i wrote. Anyway, the fujitsu lappy i posted earlier has webcam as well... I really want : \

20+ days till i'm back in Vancouver, I can't wait but I can sort of? hoh... get to see all these important people. Oh yeah Jon Happy birthday! We'd be tossing chips when i get back! Speaking of which, there's thils application you can download on facebook where you can play hold'em. Free tournaments and such, you can also win enough points or golds to get certificate from and itunes! So play your free hold-em and get this thing going!! wohoo!! If you want the application i'll invite you , just message me on msn or comment me.

<3 and \/

Fujitsu Lifebook U1010

Windows Vista Installed
The look from the back
Finger Print Scanner
I wantttt : ...
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lense Cleaner Phone Chain

You gotta think this accessory is cool! Think about the times when you had to clean your lense by blowing hot air and wiping it with your shirt. The black circluar thing attached to the chain is the wiper, just incase you didn't know.
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Nokia 7500 and 6120

I've been fooling around with these two phones. It looks pretty neat, especially 6120. I like the look on the 6120 a lot more than 7500. These aren't real phones by the way, they are mock ver. If it can function, I would've put those in my pocket already.
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I hate monday. It's like rerolling a new character on an mmorpg.
Right now I feel like just slacking off work and going to the bathroom, fall asleep. Come back 15 minutes later and go for lunch. I don't know if I am going to make it for a month, I'm already thinking about finding a reason to stop work few days before I leave to Canada. My excuse would probably be something like "I gotta get ready for Canada". Anyone have any good excuses to use so that I can quit work but still get paid?

So many of my friends are leaving Hong Kong.

Allan! Sorry I couldn't really hang out with you in the last few days you were here in Hong Kong. But I'll make it up to you the next time we hang out. Poker was fun with you especially the first night in Kangs, oh God that was funny. You have this thing of not replying me on msn, reply me you bastard.

Angelyne, feeling better from clubbing? hahaha, I'm actually talking to you on msn right now so I feel lame. You know that feeling? Where you're talking to the person on msn but you're talking about them on your xanga or blog it's so weird. Well I'm glad I got to hang out with you while you were here at least for a bit. I'll see you in BC.

Ina, stop it. Oh haha, and that free drink.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Love Rock and Roll" by Britney Spears

"Talk about ironic covers. Britney expressing her love for Rock and Roll is akin to Stryper covering Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast". From her lame "is this thing on" intro, to music accompaniment that has all the rock an 80s Casio keyboard can offer, this whole thing is a giant mistake. Does Britney even know what a jukebox is, let alone a dime? Your guess is as good as mine what these guys holding guitars in the video are even doing." - Marko

Personally, I don't mind this song although the song itself is a contradiction when she sings it.

Megan Fox

I took Genny's comment and twisted a little. Since Lesbian Ads would be a little too... taking it to the extreme. Although I know you wouldn't mind it : ) Anyway, would anyone watch Transformers with me? I'd watch it myself.
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Saturday. thx Phil & Sindy

Friday night was fantastic, had lots of fun. I would also like to take the liberty to thank Phil for having us in free and the free drinks he got for us! It was great. Hope to see you again this summer, and if not, next year or whenever.
Thanks Sindy for cleaning up the mess over at your house! Honestly... you would be a great wife. You always cared about others before yourself. And for that you deserve a holla.

Saturday went by real fast, I woke up at around 8 to have breakfast with my dad. Went back to sleep and woke up at around 4ish. Angelyne and Ina came over for few hours to use the internet and such. And since my mom's not home with the little kids, my dad came home early to cook dinner for us. I've always loved his cooking, there's always been that extra effort in his food. It reminds me of the time when it was only guys that lived in this house. Dad would make breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday and he would go shopping for food and such during the weekend at least twice by himself. And this was during the time when he had to work real hard. Now after 10 years he's the owner of the company. He was so determined with what he had to offer and I could never be so strong willed. ya!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Night

I am sitting here in the office. 5:16pm

It's unbelievably cold here.

Tonight, I think I am going to a club with few of my friends. Just so people know, I do not club, nor am I a "club" person. I prefer bar or just sleeping at home.

By the way, does anyone know what "tool brigade" is? Cause I saw a funny looking guy on a youtube and one of the comment says "You look like Colonel Douche of the Tool Brigade". I started laughing out quite loud... thats (LoqL!) and I thought maybe Tool Brigade actually existed or meant something. Anyway, if anyone wants to comment on that, feel free. My blog lacks comment, and last time I asked few million people to comment, 3 ended up commenting. I also changed the setting so people can comment without signing up on google and such. So you can stay anonymous and... mysterious.
Whats cool about commenting using Anonymous? Very cool. You can call me a fuckhead and I won't know who you are and I'll be pissed off half my day and possibly blow my anger on my boss and get fired and I don't have to do this blog thing anymore. Very cool.

Today is my first day in the office when my dad is around. When he came up to me today to check up what I'm doing I was a little intimidated by him. Anyway, today mom left to the philippines with my baby siblings karlos and kiara for 10 days. Many of you that may think they are cute and angelic, you are right! Only when they are sleeping and when you're not living with them. I can keep the "and" going but I'll cut it off right here.

I realized after reading my OWN post several times my blog isn't all that entertaining. And I was thinking about ways to make it entertaining. Can anyone tell me how? Cause I'm out of ideas.

I'm done for the day, it's 5:30pm. good yar

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is my supervisor "Kuro-san"
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My current workstation where I bum.

My story behind blogging

This is my first entry for my blog, and it all started with this.

Monday night, I was out with my friend Melisa and her brother Matthew from 1 P.M. They are both from BC, Vancouver and we are friends from College (Trinity Western). I believe they arrived here in Hong Kong a week ago and they will be leaving this friday early morning, unfortunately. Anyway, so I brought them around - first to festival walk, then mong kok, then back to tst where their hotel is at. We were back by 6pm because their parents expected us back for dinner. We went over to California Steak House for dinner, I had a rib eye and it was amazing. Anyway, we headed back to their hotel around 9:30 ish and stayed over for awhile.

Dad calls at around 10pm, asking for where I was. Ok, here's the thing... Daddy doesn't call 20 year old son asking him where he is and why I'm out late on my summer holiday. That's just unnatural. If you have a dad like that let me tell you this, it's your life and you need to make your own decisions. Anyway, so my argument with my dad started off with him yelling at me through the phone telling me i'm a bum using his money for booze and such. Then he hangs up the phone. So I called him back, after about 15 seconds of him yelling at me he hangs up the phone again. I called again and mom picks up the phone so I told her to hand it over to my dad, knowing that my dad's not in the perfect state to talk she tells me not to talk to him and come home. Anyway, the last conversation went fine with him through the phone.

I got home, and we talked. One thing I did not put in mind was the fact that he was sick for the last 3 days. This seems normal to some people, but my dad never gets sick and when he gets sick... he's really sick. I yelled at him for about half an hour screaming my lungs out about how he was wrong. I was wrong. The thing is, I had all these things I planned out for Hong Kong before leaving Vancouver. I did not realize its only a month away from my departure back to BC, I knew I couldn't fulfill my own promise/plan. Just bumming around home using my dad's money for the past 20 years. Don't get me wrong, my dad is about the most happy and most successful man in many ways. I have great amount of respect for him and his ways of persuing his goals in life. Cliche this might sound to many of you - no ones perfect. At least... by far i'm no where close, probably on the bottom 30% of the population. My dad's not perfect, nor his words and his anger management. And am in no ground to talk about his imperfection while mine is so obviously sticking out everywhere. (That sounds perverted)

Now I'm working for a company called ISL which is like the sub company of what my dad owns. And I am currently working as a "photographer" and "editor" and "debugger" lol? Just so you know, I am surprised I was able to spell every one of those words correct ... not sure if debugger is a word but you know what I mean. I have no experience or the intelligence to do what they want me to do. I am working under Kuro-san, hahaha and my name is Kurodo so thats funny, I think. My supervisor is in charge of online marketting and selling merchandise over the internet especially to the Japanese people. He's also doing that here in Hong Kong but the site has not been up yet, and that is what I'm helping him with. Taking pictures, uploading it on the website and editting the instruction manual and such. This is my job half the time I am here in the office.

My other work is a project that is long lasting, it will take over years for it to succeed and I am quite interested in it. The boss from ISL and I have been talking about advertisements in the last few days I have been working here. He asked me whether I could find a way to attract people to come to a website This website is free for all, post whatever poll you want to and sign up if you wish. I will be editting this site in the next few weeks and if ever, feel free to give me an kind of feedback about how good or how shit it is. Right now, we are having about 100 clicks a day and I want to make it over 1000+ clicks a day in about a few months from now, and I'll be keeping updates every week or so on the number of clicks. If you have facebook/xanga/friendster or whatever blog/journal/picture website, may I ask that you post either my blog site or the site up there so people can see what I've got so far. Anyway, its an ongoing project and I don't tend to make a difference in the world with this, but to have some sort of goals or approach to a better/interesting life for now. Ciao!