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Friday, August 29, 2008

new start

so instead of buying a journal to keep myself busy throughout the school year, I've decided to write my thoughts and rants on this web page once again. School starts in about 6 days for me, i know eh... thursday what a weird day to start. Any who, long weekend!
I've been watching animes on the best one so far is "gintama" which directly translates into japanese as "silver ball" .... and "kintama" would be "testicles" in japanese. Anyway, it's awesome once you start watching it. R2, naruto, macross frontier, and soul eater, they are all good anime's! must watchhh....
IPHONE is the cool! I almost love everything about it. I left my charger at angelyne's place... sucks. And this weekend if anyone cares, i would be going to petcetra to look at animals. Animals that are interesting to look at.
My bed sheet rocks, it's white with red stripes, sort of like england flag... ok maybe it doesn't rock all that much. But my blanket is pretty cool, it's blue on one side and red on the other so it looks cool when it's all messy and stuff.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Jonas: LV scarf and shades (millionaire)
Joseph (from van): Glysomed Hand cream

bday stuff.

5 more days till hong kong

It came as a surprise today to know I will be back in Hong Kong in less than a week. Personally, I'm excited I could feel it in my guts! I haven't been back home in awhile and I miss my family and friends. I miss the night life in Hong Kong, I miss all the cheap stuff you can buy. I have couple of jobs lined up already for my summer work, I have friends I am happy to see, the food is good and not just edible! It's almost perfect!! except... my girlfriend will be here in Vancouver working the whole summer : ( Only if she could make it back I can almost guarantee that it would be the best summer I'll ever have. But bad things happen to good people like me, it's unfortunate.

Today was great! It was Angelyne's birthday and we watched Kung Fu Panda (which was awesome, it was so funny.) Then we had supper at one of the Japanese restaurant and had tempura, sushi, and beef sashimi which was pretty good. AND DAMN TODAY WAS COLD! It's mid June and it feels like end of Christmas, it sucks.

I'll be leaving here on the 15th, landing on the 16th - 6:30pm!

Almost 3, must go nene, goodnight.

Monday, May 26, 2008


suicide is such a waste. I can't imagine killing myself.

I miss you angelyne, didn't talk to you tonight :(

less than 3 weeks until I'm back to Hong Kong! I'm excited :)

I want to chill out! Miss everyone in Hong Kong!! Ahh!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sick Summer Freedom

I went to school to check out my friend's charity event for the victims in China today, saw some pictures that got my tummy sick. Natural disasters suck.
My girlfriend went clubbing tonight with her girlie friends and her sister. I hope she doesn't get wasted. ha. So, speaking of girlfriend, i'm reading one her books "twilight". It's not as bad as I imagined, it's actually pretty good. Not that I ever read. yeah... thought I throw it out there. What else... I'm using Justin's computer, thanks Justin, you're so helpful in so many ways.

I miss Hong Kong, can't wait to go back!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to Bloggers

For the first time in life I felt the need to express my inner most feelings with strangers. I've realized that over the last couple of months that I am going to die soon.

Despite all the sadness and the limited time I have here on earth, I have come to embrace the truth and laugh about all that is funny... like granny butt holes. Have you ever thought about what you're going to do with the time you have here? I haven't really because of all the fucking school work and drama that ALL of us teenagers (umm... you're 21...) have to face.

Because I'm going to die soon, I would like all of you to realize this gift of life that has been given to you. Embrace it, get drunk, get naked and go streaking, dance like you're on xtc, make love with the kitchen sink. I just want all of you to be happy that you're alive.

I lied, I'm not dying yet. In fact I am so not dying I just lied about dying.
My condolence to those who died in the Earthquake in China... as well as the Myanmar victims. Everyone should embrace life, we can die any time now.