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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

kibi 2

It's entertaining to watch your dog sleep in awkward places like on the table or on the small chair. But you know, you've seen all that and it gets old. This dog however found a more interesting place to sleep on... my bag. He looks at me for awhile and falls right back to sleep.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is kibi whoring over my girlfriend's baby pillow that she entrusted me with. Sorry sweetie, I lost one too many fingers trying to take it back. As you can see, he is an offspring of both polar bear and wolf, he's as vicious as chuck norris and bruce lee combined. He eats rocks and walls because he can. However, he has a peaceful side that shall never be disturbed otherwise you'll learn that having 1 arm to live the rest of your life is going to suck.

This is a picture taken (before my eyes were gouged off) of the vicious bastard getting ready to hunt its prey.


So i'm back in business with my blogger. I hope to bring you much good news and entertainment as my days here in Hong Kong would allow me. So it's been almost 2 weeks since I got here and to be honest I haven't done anything productive other than take my dog out for a walk and poop.

HOWEVER, today Kensan bought me an acoustic Takamine bass for shizandgigglez... and he bought himself a Taylor (very nice)

Homeless man going ape shit on the bass. He told me not to post this picture up but since my blog is titled "fight for freedom" I decided to stand by my principles.