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Friday, August 29, 2008

new start

so instead of buying a journal to keep myself busy throughout the school year, I've decided to write my thoughts and rants on this web page once again. School starts in about 6 days for me, i know eh... thursday what a weird day to start. Any who, long weekend!
I've been watching animes on the best one so far is "gintama" which directly translates into japanese as "silver ball" .... and "kintama" would be "testicles" in japanese. Anyway, it's awesome once you start watching it. R2, naruto, macross frontier, and soul eater, they are all good anime's! must watchhh....
IPHONE is the cool! I almost love everything about it. I left my charger at angelyne's place... sucks. And this weekend if anyone cares, i would be going to petcetra to look at animals. Animals that are interesting to look at.
My bed sheet rocks, it's white with red stripes, sort of like england flag... ok maybe it doesn't rock all that much. But my blanket is pretty cool, it's blue on one side and red on the other so it looks cool when it's all messy and stuff.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Your so weird kk:P but i think those sheets would be so cool to stare at for sure!!!