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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

5 more days till hong kong

It came as a surprise today to know I will be back in Hong Kong in less than a week. Personally, I'm excited I could feel it in my guts! I haven't been back home in awhile and I miss my family and friends. I miss the night life in Hong Kong, I miss all the cheap stuff you can buy. I have couple of jobs lined up already for my summer work, I have friends I am happy to see, the food is good and not just edible! It's almost perfect!! except... my girlfriend will be here in Vancouver working the whole summer : ( Only if she could make it back I can almost guarantee that it would be the best summer I'll ever have. But bad things happen to good people like me, it's unfortunate.

Today was great! It was Angelyne's birthday and we watched Kung Fu Panda (which was awesome, it was so funny.) Then we had supper at one of the Japanese restaurant and had tempura, sushi, and beef sashimi which was pretty good. AND DAMN TODAY WAS COLD! It's mid June and it feels like end of Christmas, it sucks.

I'll be leaving here on the 15th, landing on the 16th - 6:30pm!

Almost 3, must go nene, goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

YAY i'm soooo excited that you're excited that you are coming back. so happy for you.. well more for me. so i have someone to hang out with YAY. LOL